Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Evening

Hi All,

As you're aware our evening for November (and the last one for the year!) is fast approaching, and we mentioned on facebook that we had decided to give all our brains a rest this month; it's so close to Christmas and we all have a schedule jam-packed with Christmas markets that we thought, why not just have a little get together that is to celebrate the year that was and have some chats!

So bring-a-plate of something nibbly, come along to the Ponsonby Community Centre on the 18th of November from 7.30pm for a sort of throw together Christmas do for all of us that work alone, making beautiful things.

RSVP to Jessica: info {at} foxes dot co dot nz if you would like to come along

See you there!


  1. wow, an auckland craft community blog! i've never been to any of the crafty events around auckland, but i'm excited to see what's coming up!

  2. Thanks! You should come along to our crafty catch up this November then; it's a free evening this time so perfect to come and check out what it's all about, and talk to people who come to our evenings regularly.