Sunday, March 21, 2010

First evening, already over!

Thought that we should give you a little run-down for those that didn't make it along — what an awesome evening! We had a full house full of people eager to pick up some tips from our lovely guest speakers — Esther from and Elliot from

Elliot had the technical side of on-line marketing covered and reminded us to have small, daily goals to not get overwhelmed. He mentioned some great websites to help us out and of course reminded us that even though social networking (blogging, twitter, facebook etc.) is free to use — it costs us in time, and time is still a valuable resource that needs to be paid for in some way or another.

Esther had some great insights into stores and blogs that she likes and why, and made the excellent point that as crafters — we're not just marketing or selling our products, but we're selling ourselves too! We are part of the product so it can be fun to have a persona or character behind you.

The other top-tip I picked up from the night was: Don't be afraid to drop something if it doesn't work. If it's not working, it's just not working. Stop putting time into that product/image, move on and starting again can often be the best solution.

We took some photo's on the night so will post them soon too!

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Keep tuned for our next evening — Book-keeping! New poster up soon....


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